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The Air Pirate Affair

The Air Pirate Affair

By Steven F. Bell.

Airships drift across the nation, like sailing vessels of yore. Along with the reinvigorated romantic notions comes the cold reality of piracy. The brutal truth strikes close to Harrisburg, in the rural Juniata County some 40 miles north and west of the city. Ignatius is tasked by Colonel Sanderson Witmore to investigate a brutal train robbery, which appears to be the work of Air Pirates.

The Colonel cautions Ignatius that there are several unusual aspects to the case. First, the train was not exactly an ordinary civilian train. Next, the pirates employed some manner of energy weapon and lastly, the cargo on the train was so secretive, the Colonel isn’t telling Ignatius anything about it. As part of a flotilla of airships, Ignatius is reunited with the crew of the Maudlin Rose. Intrigue abounds as the commandant of the flotilla reveals himself to be more concerned with himself than the good of the nation and several air pirate factions become possible suspects.


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