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A Dirigible Disaster

A Dirigible Disaster

By: SF Bell

Welcome to the second in my series of Steampunk adventures featuring Ignatius St. Eligius. I am so thrilled to be starting the second novella. The posting schedule is at this point unchanged, each Monday will bring a new scene of the story to you through the magic of the internet! Thanks!

Having successfully dealt with the Southern Saboteur, Ingatius finds himself with a new task from Colonel Witmore. Plans for a lightning deflection system that could be installed on airships have been stolen. In order to prevent the loss, Ignatius must travel to Pittsburgh aboard the USDF Maudlin Rose through Air Pirate territory and the scene of a recent airship crash.

He will need all of his wits about him this time. The opposition is varied and crafty, and Ignatius is out there all alone. Or is he?


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