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A Countesses Conundrum

A Countesses Conundrum

By Steven F. Bell.

With even lest rest from The Automaton Anarchy, Ignatius St. Eligius is at home in his laboratory when Angela comes to call. She brings him a present, a mixed domestic/wild cat and a challenge for his intellectual sensibilities. There is a man on her street who is supposed to be dead. The funny thing is that he refuses to lay still in the grave. By all accounts the man is a decent sort, if a bit conservative regarding social proprieties

Refusing to believe that a corpse can be reanimated, Ignatius dashes across town with Angela to investigate the goings on. The Countess, sister to the deceased, is just as perplexed as Ignatius. Ignatius’s investigation will take him to the seedy back alleys of Harrisburg’s Allison Hill district, and follow a man’s rapid descent through the rabbit-hole of deciet and corruption.


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