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Seasons Greetings, To All.

December 21, 2014

It’s Christmas time again. And right now I am sitting in the kitchen, which is lit by dozens of little twinkle lights on a copper strand. I have to say of all the decorations lights remain one of my favorites. The lights shine out against the dark. They glow with many colors and cause smiles to break out.

I was contemplating some deeper message, you know about the ongoing battle between the light and the dark. Yet that message is constantly being fed to us 24/7, without end, in bit-sized pieces and across every conceivable media.

This evening, surrounded by the tiny lights, dwarfed by the enormity of the blackness of the night sky, I sit and write. I urge you to take this message forward with you…

May your days be filled with the happiness of home and family, new experiences and fond reminiscences of old. I hope for everyone glad tidings and joy, peace and goodwill.

To you, dear reader the best and blessed of the whole season.



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