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The Not So Subtle Agenda

October 2, 2013

Here we are, rapidly approaching the release of “Of Man, Myth and Automata,” and I’m as nervous as a room full of long-tailed cats surrounded by rocking chairs, closing doors and toddlers with a penchant for grabbing things. Ok, perhaps not THAT nervous. Still what lies ahead on Monday, I cannot take lightly. I am going to publish a book.

I would like to be super casual about it, but like many things in life the exhilaration of the newness is arriving. That pang of fear and doubt, the prickling hairs on the nape of the neck, those signs that you are alive and experiencing something new and wonderful…Like kissing that special someone for the first time. Your lips tingled, your heart fluttered, your bodies melted together and you did not want to stop..Ever.

Well, I promised a cover, and here it is. I admit, it is fairly straightforward. I used a stock template from Amazon’s KDP site. The photograph is mine though. I washed it through a filter in the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation) to give it a weathered ‘old timey’ look.

The cover for 'Of Man, Myth and Automata'

The cover for ‘Of Man, Myth and Automata’

What’s inside? A fair question. The book is a collection of some steampunk, some fantasy, a not so epic poem, a Holiday story or two. Oh yes, a pair of bonus prologues from a story I am working on. It is a bit strange really to have two prologues for one story, but that’s ok. One will be the overall start and the other will be the beginning of a section of the book. The lead story in the collection is one that I am particularly pleased with. And if I am honest, a bit confused about. The main character did not turn out at all like I expected him to.

Well, in 5 days you will be able to see for yourself! Please mark your calendars and if you would maybe mention it to a couple of people. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks everyone, and please…Keep Reading!



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