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Writing and the Amorphous Process

September 26, 2013

My selection for title was going to be ‘Here Comes the Thunder’, but it seemed wildly disjointed from anything I really wanted to discuss. Maybe another time.

I have talked a number of times about a writer’s process. How it is a personal a choice. Like the clothes you wear, the kind of person you are or the things you believe in. What I have come to find these past few months is that for me the process of writing shifts. A year ago, I had a pattern nailed down. I’d come up with an idea and write it down in a physical notebook. I would dream up characters and their attributes and add them in. After getting something down in the Moleskine I turn to the computer and start hammering out the story. After finishing one or more chapters (or the entire short story), print a hard copy, get the red pen and edit. Then make changes in the electronic copy. There was a rhythm to it, and it worked. I had a schedule and things were clicking right along.

Until they weren’t. Life is much like nature in that it will assert itself whenever it feels like it. Being able to adapt to the change is crucial. Prioritizing what is important in life is part of that. And I have changed as a result. I have done away with the notion of a deadline, honestly what do I need one for? I’m not a full time writer, so there isn’t an editor or publisher hovering nearby expecting a finished piece of work at a certain date and time. I understand that putting a date out there, as a personal deadline, does help drive you to finish the piece you are working on. I also get that the world is not going to collapse around me if I miss it.

My process is evolving. I have moved a little further away from the physical notebook toward Evernote. I take the lessons of feedback and apply them more rigorously. I plan a little more and try to fully develop an idea into beginning/middle/end. I try to be more focused when working on a story. I am trying to be more efficient, to make the best use of the time I have for writing while maintaining time for what is truly important, Family, Life, living for experiences.

I accept that change is inevitable. It is part of growth as a person. Change is also what drives a protagonist forward in the plot. So even as I participate in life, I am learning and improving.


In case you missed my re-blog, Chris Stocking is launching his latest book. Check out his blog for the details, including a Rafflecopter drawing. Regular followers of this blog are probably familiar with Chris’s name. I have interviewed him, talked about his work. It should be obvious that I am a fan. Well, I mention the Rafflecopter drawing because one of the prizes is my newest collection of Short Stories.


Yes, that is correct. I managed to put together another collection of stories, my favorites from and this blog, plus several never seen before! I encourage you to hop over to Chris’s site and check out his writing, the drawing and The Black Powder Brigade. Who knows, you could be the lucky winner :)

But wait, there’s more!

‘Of Man, Myth and Automata’ will be released in Kindle format on October 7th! That’s right, you’ll be able to purchase and read the collection, on any device capable of running the Kindle software. Next week there will be more information, a cover reveal and expect a synopsis. I confess, I’m pretty darn excited about the collection.

So for now, be kind, keep reading and I’ll see you in a little while.



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One Comment
  1. How cool are you???
    Sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot without nagging deadlines. I will be sure to enter the drawing.
    Thanks for bringing this to the party!

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