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Thursday: 5a.m. Rocket

April 11, 2013

Have I mentioned we have two cats living with us?

The furry overlords are nothing if not ‘special’. Little Kitty enjoys running. From one end of the house to the other… A lot, as if either her tail was on fire, someone dropped some bacon wrapped cheese or the Big Kitty needed a good pouncing on. Whatever the cause, she gets permission from the control tower promptly at 5a.m. and launches her rocket with the mad skittering of paws and claws on the hard floor surface. Once she reaches her terminal velocity it is time to bank a hard right because she is out of room. What ensues is a strange and often hilarious scramble of claws, tails, wide-eyes and jack-knifing hind ends.

Passing the first turn means a switch to carpet and she accelerates once more blasting across the living room, leaping over couch and Big Kitty alike. Another hard right and she scales the stairs sounding like a herd of cats instead of just one. This goes on for three hours. Seriously. Eventually Little Kitty runs low on fuel and cruises into the kitchen where she takes on more liquid and plants her furry little face in Big Kitty’s food dish. I think we all know what sort of look that gets us.

Have a great Thursday everyone And I hope you enjoy the sketch! \^_^/

Thanks and keep reading.



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  1. Ah, yes, I am familiar with this event. My cat bolts around the house like a black streak of lightning. Luckily, he only does this at decent hours of the day, and is almost never up during the night or early morning.

    • Sounds like an ideal timekeeper. The little one gets up early, but tends to sleep through the night. The bigger one goes out frequently, we’ve almost perfected the art of putting him out/bringing him in without waking up completely.

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