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On a Wintry Day

March 25, 2013


Prepare to take flight dear reader, For we throw ourselves skyward in: The Air Pirate Affair.

Our newest Tale begins! And so we launch into the fifth tale of Ignatius St. Eligius. Ignatius is feeling contemplative and unsettled with how the search for Mary Kendall is progressing. When on a wintry day Colonel Sanderson Witmore arrives with a mission. A brash band of Air Pirates have attacked a train carrying secret government cargo and utilizing a new weapon. The Colonel dispatches Ignatius to investigate. However, the man leading the Airship Flotilla has a history with Ignatius and it is not all fun and roses. The deeper into countryside Ignatius goes, the deeper the issue becomes, until it threatens to explode.

Please note: I have re-organized the menu structure on the blog. The individual chapter/scenes were starting to clog the system as there were so many. Now, just the story’s main page is linked in the menu. The main page will have all the links to the sub-pages and the post announcing a new installment as usual will have a link to the current scene. Thank you.


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