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Draft Follow Up.

March 21, 2013

Well, it has been a week and I have played around with the new web application called Draft. To be blunt, my initial optimism waned quickly as I tried writing a short story in it. Keep in mind several things: Draft is still under development and I did not try out every single little feature.

On the upside, it is responsive with more than a thousand words of text. It also carries a built-in spell checker (like Google Chrome or Firefox or Gmail.) I tried it in Internet Explorer 8 and the latest Firefox. Obviously, Firefox had a much better experience when using Draft.

My dislikes are: Small amount of visible text. There were two or so paragraphs visible as I edited the document. There were no visible scroll bars (though navigating the document with the mouse wheel and arrow keys worked just fine.) The overall effect was that I felt lost in the document.

Saving to Evernote: failed. Got an error message saying that it was an unrecognizable format.

I may try opening a document from Evernote and see if the synchronization works from that point on. My current thought is that it is fine for short works (like the site implies) Blog posts etc..


Monday (March 18th) saw the conclusion of The Countesses Conundrum. Four stories down, two to go to finish the Curriculum Vitae of Ignatius St. Eligius. I launched into the next tale: The Air Pirate Affair! Expect it to start on Monday March 25th!

Mark 4.0 is sitting in my notebook and a couple of fragments laying about on a computer somewhere. I really want to tell that story, but I am having issues getting started. I was side-tracked by another short project: The Institute. I am angling to write a Steam-Cyberpunk short story (maybe novella…) that serves as a  bridge between The Curriculum Vitae of Ignatius St. Eligius and Mark 4.0. Which…

Untitled Young Adult Steampunk tale…Is all blocked out in a notebook, and a brief intro is written. Here is another story I am dying to get out.

So much yet to write. Well, better get to it!

Thanks for reading everyone, and to the followers: Thanks for hanging out!



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