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Sketchy Thursday: Mexican Standoff

February 7, 2013

Well, this made me smile as I planned it yesterday. Who wouldn’t smile at the thought of cats, in sombreros, having a good old-fashioned standoff? So, in a few free moments, I sketched out the following (click it for the full view.):


Enjoy! Let the record show that the two cats herein are representative of the pair which live with us. They are good cats except when they are naughty! which is frequent, especially the kitten.

Anyway, lest you think I’ve fallen in a well (I have not), I am still kickin’. Unfortunately the day job had a surprise for me in the beginning of the new year and I have been scrambling to study for a certification, that I already had but due to an unfortunate incident have to renew. Hence my relative silence lately. I am reading and re-reading a book all about computer networking. If you think watching paint dry is fun, you’ve got to check this out, NOT!

Rest assured Ignatius and Angela are well, and I am confident that their weekly schedule will remain unaffected. I have a bunch of other stuff that is swirling around, percolating in my mind. Hoping that it (my mind) remains intact until after Test Tuesday.

Thanks for reading!

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