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Throwing a Dart at the Genre Dartboard

October 25, 2012

Chicken and Egg, which came first? Idea or Genre? Do you pick a genre first or do you get an idea and plug it into a genre?

I would have to say that I seem to always delve into the Fantasy genre and from there go into towards Science Fiction, Steampunk or another sub-genre. When an idea takes hold, it almost always seems to flow into that big old Fantasy bucket. I think it is safe to say that I pretty much always frame my projects into that genre without considering it. 

How about you? Do your ideas come pre-packaged with a genre, or do you get your idea and then select the genre in which you wish to write?

A blog post recently and coincidentally called my recent idea for a YA project into mild question. The mild part is that the post questioned the economic viability of the Portal Fantasy genre (think Chronicles of Narnia). I say mild because the discussion involved agents and what is in their slush piles and how much YA Portal Fantasy they were picking up (pretty much none.) To me that is the traditional publishing route, which is always full of its own pitfalls including things like market, submission load, personal opinion etc..

I dwelled on that for a few minutes before shaking off the doubt because the readers will read, and if the work is good it will be found and read. Of course I have yet to write word one on that project, so nothing to really fret about.

Thanks for reading today!


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  1. I think it is important to express your ideas. Popular genres come and go like fashion. I don’t think I would let it influence me personally since it takes about 2 years to get a book out from inkling to finish anyway. That is assuming it is rewritten several times, then goes to beta readers, a content editor and a grammatical editor, shop for an agent and then pow! Published! That’s my plan!

    • A plan is always good to have. I try not to allow myself to be influenced by the popular genres. I think I am ok with staying ‘indie’. I remain flexible though. Who knows when some New York agent is going to roll up and offer a three book deal :)

      • There you go! Now that is the positive thinking I have been talking about today!

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