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Really, quite, nearly, almost there…

August 30, 2012

Good day everyone,

This Monday is the second to last post in ‘A Dirigible Disaster’. Are you ready for the conclusion? Check out the link there to read from the beginning, if you need to catch up. This story flew by for me. I realize it was quite a bit shorter than its predecessor ‘A Chemical Confusion’ (The Phlogiston Precariousness), however it was an important step in the series.

What news then? Well, I am definitely into the next story: The Automaton Anarchy. This week should see me complete Chapter 2, Scene 2. Which including the prelude is five scenes into the story. I am allowing myself to increase the word count for each scene, and there are a good number planned out. This one should run at least as long as A Chemical Confusion did.

Other writing projects:

  • Soul’d Out, I have a couple of pages of a fantasy humorous piece started based solely on the title.  It is set in my Fantasy Realms world. I am not sure of its direction, characters or anything else. This is a low priority project.
  • Mark 4.0, I have a prologue and most of Chapter 1 written. The priority on this is slightly higher than Soul’d Out. Though I have not worked on it recently.
  • Publishing ‘A Chemical Confusion’. I handed the manuscript over to my editor this week. Getting on track for publishing it. Of course the last obstacle is cover art. I have yet to sit down and draw something on good paper with ink that could be scanned and digitally painted. I have several drafts in pencil sketched on scrap paper, so at least I know what I would like it to look like.
  • Tomorrow Saturday (September 1st) will see part 2 of The Fall of Akui published at I strongly urge you to go check it out! Part 1 is here.

THIS JUST IN: A great commentary on Fairy Tales vs. Modernism by Doug TenNapel over at his webcomic: Nnewts

Thank you for reading!



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