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Housekeeping, Anyone home?

July 12, 2012

Welcome to Thursday.

I’d like to immediately throw out a big ol’ THANK YOU! to Susie for hosting another awesome blog dance party! Met a lot of great new folks over at her Blog.

For those new followers, Hi! Great to have you on board. The format of my Blog: Mondays I post a new scene from my work in progress, Thursday is a more general post. I might slip in an opinion or tidbit about writing, or like today it could be a melange of items. Let’s get started shall we?

Comic-Con starts this weekend, and for those of us who follow anything remotely nerd-related (comics, video games, movies) it is a convention like no other. I only bring it up because all of my favorite webcomics are headed to San Diego. There are some amazing artists/storytellers out there. Quickly, I’d like to throw out several great webcomics.

  • The Bean. An unassuming title, but this is a true epic fantasy story about a pot-scrubber catapulted out into the world and his journey through a brilliantly conceived and drawn land. Created by Travis Hanson.
  • The Wormworld Saga. Jaw dropping. This is by far the most beautiful webcomic I have seen to date. It is delivered to the web one chapter at a time, in vertical format especially done for reading on a tablet (iPad, HP Touchpad etc..) By Daniel Lieske. The artistry is first-rate, and the story is very engaging.
  • reMind. A strange tale of a cat, lizardmen, love and life under the waves. Jason Brubaker has a terrific style and good story going.
  • Clockworks. A Steampunk themed webcomic! Those who have followed this blog for any length of time know how smitten I am with the subgenre. This webcomic was one of the first Steampunk tales that I followed. It is more of what I would call Gas Lamp, where it takes place in a Dungeons & Dragons type world, than my current WIP. Shawn Gaston has on his hands a terrific concept, expansive world, and a really cool style.

I was recently visited by the folks over at The Rather Prolific Adventures, and in turn went to check out their blog. To my amazement, they are posting a historical steampunk tale as well! I have read the first five chapters and I am quite taken with the writing and story. It is my intention this weekend to write-up their tale so far, and maybe if I can, lay eyes on more of the manuscript.

Speaking of works-in-progress, A Dirigible Disaster is now posting on Mondays. I am pleased to report that I am almost done with the manuscript for it. Just three more scenes to go. That being said, I will confess it is shorter than A Chemical Confusion (The Phlogiston Precariousness).

And now…A little surprise and hopefully a bit of a treat. The first snippet from (a very tentative title) Mark 4.0: Secret of The Dragon’s Blood Raygun.

To say that i dreamt of sunrises, a better world or a deep abiding love of my fellow-man would be a gross misrepresentation of my situation. i do not sleep, therefore no dreams. Nor do sunrises matter to me, other than as a simple fact of a tenuous logic. i feel, but strictly in the physical sense. Hot, cold, resistance, force or any other measurable observable sensation.

When i wake, it is from pitch blackness that i emerge. From cut off and senseless to  sampling more than any one person might in an entire lifetime.

A lifetime, that’s ironic.

What is a lifetime? At my best estimation it is a random guess of duration combined with an unordered collection of chaotic events, frequently lacking of purpose. A struggle through different phases of existence, rushing headlong at first, following later by caution and ending in full retreat and denial.

Yet here i am, in the middle of life. Loud, changing, jostling, painful, joyful life. Or so i have been told. What i know is that the gentleman at the foot of the bed is dead. Not sleeping, shutdown or offline. Expired, no more, he had ceased to be.

Every person in the room thinks that i did it.

Well, I think that about wraps it up for this Thursday! Again, welcome everyone new and not-so-new, I am glad to have you onboard.

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Very very interesting. Would love to read more – please post soon! Oh, and dance party? People host blog dance parties? Who, what, when, how, why….? What a great concept! :)

    • Susie Landau has held several. Basically folks drop by post a comment with a link back to one of their blog posts. A terrific way of meeting new people and reading some great stuff. You should definitely check it out!

    • Thanks so much SF for the shout! It has turned into a rager and it’s not too late to stop by with a link Virginia! I love throwing these parties so writers can meet up and follow each other! Spread the word! It will probably run through the weekend!

      Love your snippet SF! Your steampunk book is really coming along!
      I am glad to hear that you picked up a few new followers yesterday! Thanks again!

      • Thanks Susie, I will definitely stop by! Thanks for the invite :)

  2. Hello Steve.

    Checked out dome of the web comics. Pretty cool. I’ll go back to see if I can use any with my students. Oh, and Love Susie’s dancing :)

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