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Did you hear?

June 28, 2012

Most of you probably already know. Perhaps not. If you look over to the right, in the side bar you might notice the poll is gone, but there is something new in its place.

Yes, that’s right, I published an e-book. It took me a while didn’t it? I think I put together a good introductory collection of short stories to give the reader a flavor of what I like to write.

And the best part? It is Free. As in, you don’t have to pay! Who loves ya? I decided to go with Smashwords, as it seemed to be the gentlest on-ramp to the e-pub world. That was not entirely true. Formatting was a lengthy process and I was a bit disappointed in the lack of page breaking. I fear that one story might flow right into the next. Fortunately I put larger, bold titles at the start of each one, so even if my page breaks are gone, you should be able to see a clean break between tales.

According to the dashboard, the book has been downloaded 70 times! Whee. I am very happy with how it turned out. It gave me a nice shot of confidence too. Included in the book is the short story published here: To Use A Gun No More. You may remember that’s what the poll was for, and several of you thought including it was the right thing to do. I felt the same way too.

The next book, A Chemical Confusion (aka: The Phlogiston Precariousness) will be published through Kindle Direct Publishing. Their setup looks even easier, though it supports fewer formats. And of course, there is the pesky issue of a cover. I have some vintage photos of Harrisburg which I am going to look at using.

Monday starts our new tale: A Dirigible Disaster. It picks up several weeks after the events in A Chemical Confusion. Some new characters will be introduced, the plot will thicken and villains pursued. In a behind the scenes reveal, I am more than halfway done with it. Being ahead of my weekly scheduled post is giving me time to work on other projects which I have mentioned before. In addition I started a new bit of flash fiction for Ignatius and friends.

Busy, busy, busy!

So, right, see you Monday for the start of A Dirigible Disaster!

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Congratulations! I will check it out!

  2. Congratulations, I would love to read it.

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