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Thoughts on the conclusion

June 21, 2012

In four days the last scene of A Chemical Confusion (aka The Phlogiston Precariousness) will be published here. It seems hard to believe that I reached the conclusion. Everything flowed so well writing it. I managed to keep to a good schedule and was as productive as I could be, even a little more so with producing the extras (the flash fiction and short story.)

What, you may ask, comes next? Well, for Ignatius there is hardly any rest. I am already more than halfway through his next adventure! Admittedly it is a shorter adventure, coming in at 11 scenes versus the 17 of A Chemical Confusion. However, it is a quicker pace, some new characters are introduced and the grand over arching plot is advanced. You can expect the first installment on  2 July 2012. That’s right, no waiting!

What else am I doing? Presently I am sitting on the ‘A Chemical Confusion’ manuscript for a short period of time. Letting it stew a bit. I discussed this briefly with another writer. Sitting the pages aside for a length of time (1 month, 3 months…) allows me to regain distance and perspective from the work. Now when I pick it up for a final scrubbing before publishing it, I will have a refreshed (more objective) view of the work. This means that I will be able to pick up subtle inconsistencies, technical errors, gaping plot holes. At least that’s the plan/theory. We’ll see.

I am trying to read more. Earlier this week I downloaded the sample pages of London Darkness: Infernal Inventions by the excellent Chris Stocking. I must say he writes a wicked good yarn. The story moves quickly, the characters are intriguing and the plot has caught my attention. I plan on purchasing a Kindle copy tomorrow so I can finish the entire book. It is a darker, grittier tale and the characters are right on the border line of good and evil. None of them are safe characters, they all seem to have light and dark inside and therefore are capable of going in any direction.

As for myself. I read the Smashwords Style Guide for formatting a manuscript. They keep reiterating ‘simpler formatting is better.’ So with a copy of that pulled up in my web browser and MS-Word I have started stitching together the short stories that will make up my collection. I also have most of the pencil work done for the cover. The good news is that when everything is ready and its submitted to Smashwords, it is going to be free! Why? Marketing. Simply put, I intend on using this collection of short stories as a business card to readers at large.

Going free will make it accessible to anyone. It is an introduction of my writing to the world at large. The downside is that people may equate free with junk and skip over it. We’ll see how things go and adjust as best we can. The collection is a pretty broad sweep of the different styles/genres I have written in. There is a paranormal YA story, Steampunk, several fantasy one comedic sci-fi, one dramatic sci-fi. It’s a good mix of some of my favorite works.

Because of this, I have been thinking about marketing and self-publishing, social networks and interacting with others. Presently I have accounts for WordPress, Google+, Twitter, Goodreads and WanaTribes.  I am late to the social media/networks party and finding my footing. Its tricky. There is a lot to do in terms of learning the marketing game, making new contacts. But I am gamely plugging away at it.

In terms of writing, I am ahead of the schedule game(whew). This means I can take on side projects. Chris Stocking and I are working on a collaborative story as time permits. I have several ideas for short story / short novella works that I want to outline and work on in between Ignatius’s tales. All things considered, this is a pretty exciting point in time for me.

Thanks for reading today, I appreciate it!



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  1. Get a facebook fan page link it to your blog and every now and then keep updating it with pic quotes…that is pictures and few lines from your book
    Steven when your book is published please let me do one post on it.

    • I must admit, I am avoiding Facebook. I know it is a huge community, but I am not quite ready to go there yet. I am hoping to finish formatting for publication in the next couple of days. The cover art, well…That will be a little longer.

    • My apologies, forgot to say that you are welcome to do anything you would like with the book when it’s out :)

    • In case you missed it, ‘The Homeless Ghosts of Calcutta, A Collection’ went live. :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words, sir! :)

    I will most definitely be purchasing your finished product when it is released.

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