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A Drive Through Ignatius’s World.

June 14, 2012

Good day everyone.

Today’s post is inspired/brought to you by three things. I am listing them in order of occurrence.

  1. Somakritya asked for images from my area quite a while ago. I apologize for the delay.
  2. There has been a lot of talk recently about inspiration as writers in various blogs that I follow. See Poeta Officium and Write To Perfect
  3. Susie Lindau’s Resilience a Photo Essay post.

In general, there has been a lot of inspiration here among the bloggers. What are you going to see here? Well, in a nutshell scenery that I commute past every day. All of it has inspired/directed how I am approaching the series of novellas that I am/will publish on this blog (Check with us on Mondays for the latest!) These images are of hills, mist, water, sunrises and trees. The pictures were taken with a 3 year old cell phone, so the quality may not be 100% Mind-Blowing, but heck I’m fortunate enough just to have been able to take the pictures. If you ignore the highway, let your mind wander a bit, you may just start to see the airships and steam engines of my version of the 1870s, perhaps even Ingatius St. Eligius himself will drift by. Enjoy!

Sunrise Tree Silhouette

A sunrise through the trees.

Daybreak in the misty valley

Daybreak in the misty valley. Here there be air pirates , Arrr!

Nature gets dramatic on the highway.

Nature gets dramatic on the highway.

The view of Harrisburg, facing north.

The view of Harrisburg, facing north. From Ignatius’s backyard in modern times.

A very friendly cloud

A very friendly cloud, how could I resist?

A Burst of yellow and orange and pink

The colors, the valley, the joy of being on the road.

Clouds along the ridge

Can’t you almost picture an airship cruising along the ridge?

River and Clouds at sunrise, looking downriver

What lurks beyond the mists? Mystery? Romance? Mad Science!

Thanks everyone for dropping by. See you on Monday for the second to last post in The Phlogiston Precariousness!-Steve.


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  1. Breathtakingly beautiful i see the source..
    clouds along the ridge…mythical creatures playing, fighting wars,heaven for sci fi fans…
    what a lovely place

    • Thank you, I am fortunate to live where I do. It is a place that has infused my consciousness and comes out in the stories. :)

  2. I love how the clouds hang low along the foothills! Very beautiful photos. :)
    Thanks so much for the inclusion. I so appreciate that!

    • You are welcome. I was really encouraged to post this by your own photo essay and after taking several dozen pictures on various days during my commute. Thanks!

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