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The End of Our Tale (Part 1)

June 11, 2012

Here is the first scene in Chapter 8. A few things are resolved in this scene. Some questions answered. More remain though. As I queue this post I am several hundred words into Ch 8 Sc 2. Even though the end is nigh for this story, it has been such fun to write, I am already looking forward to the next tale!

Thanks for reading along!


p.s. — Well the tale is written, committed to posting. I sit here on the eve of the first of three last scenes. I am excited, I have chapter 1 of Dirigible Disaster written, in need of some editing. I have half of a short story (the next in a series of history tales concerning Ignatius)  complete, and i am beginning a new story with the superb Chris Stocking! Yeah, things are kicking into high gear! Stay tuned!


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  1. Exciting! :)

    • I know, I am so happy to be reaching the conclusion of one story and moving straight into the second one. Along with the other work. Whee!

  2. I’m quite excited to get our story going! I’m currently reading through the proof copy of my novel to check for some final issues. Hopefully I can finish that today and then I can finish the 1st chapter of our story.

    • That would be awesome. I finished chp2, scene1 of the next story here. So a nice buffer is building. That should afford me time to work on our story. To get in the mood, I am just about finished with another short story with Ignatius and Angela in the Sonoran Desert. (Hot, Arid.) I did jump onto Google+ last night and got all signed up.

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