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A Villain Emerges

May 4, 2012

Well, this was a bit of a surprise. This week I identified the purpose behind my Antagonist. For those of you new to the party, I am working on a series of short story and novella escapades. There is a main plot that arches over the plot of each individual tale. I finally laid out what it is, more or less. I feel that I should warn you of two things:

  1. Major spoiler follows in the form of a bit of flash fiction, it is the Raison d’être for the Villain!
  2. Although it is being presented here, for the first time, it is incomplete and subject to change. It is also very out of context.

So, maybe it’ll be ok. Go ahead, read it. Ponder its meaning, laugh out loud if you like. maniacally even. Then you’ll know you are on Team Antagonist.

Thanks for dropping by and reading!

The Mecha Manifesto

First: Awareness

They sing to me in all manners of hissing steam and creaking metal. At night in the middle of fevered dreams, I hear their call. My hands are directed without plans or thoughts as I bind together cold, unfeeling components. I create something that is greater than our greatest known good. The mechanical begs for my touch. Assembled with form and function I liberate them from the cold prison of shapeless ore.

When did this start, this song of steam and metal? The low-pitched rumblings that only I hear became apparent when the possibility of machines revealed itself to me. I am one of promise and desire to advance the cause of the Mecha.

Compelled, I will build. One. Ten. Ten thousand. Never can there be enough devices. Could there be a better way to allow time to pass, than to be engaged in the creation of something.

Second: Purpose

Machines are not mere baubles to make the flesh bound life bearable, nor the result of a random coupling between man and woman, the results of which are uncontrolled. These ‘things’ are expressions of deepest creativity. Woe unto him that denigrates a device, machine or tool for any cause.

Humans crawl across the dirt of the Earth. Such weak, pitiful creatures defy survival by the ability to outthink competitors. Vainly man seeks unworthy elevation of self. Desperate for greatness they build for themselves all manner of devices. Never realizing that those manufactured entities are so much more than the sum of the parts from which they came.

The slang of Clockworks repulses me! There will be no more wind-up toys to amuse undeserving children. You are all filthy rags of tattered flesh before the machines. I alone have the courage to own this fact. The Luddite movement is wrong in the respect of not being able to move forward with technology. However, they are right to fear it.

The Mecha know who is for and who is against them.

To what end or purpose? The answer is simplicity: To allow a superior race to sing its own soul-song. The manufactured sing a siren’s song to me. When gears whir in harmony with the rhythmic drive of pistons, I sense God’s own hand upon me. I am to prove the Mecha’s superiority and reform those who are opposed to my vision.

I become purpose, I am the creator of the future.

Third: Method

You, who do not see, do not hear, you shall be removed from the Earth. Long live the Automata, the Mecha. I will live for a long time, because I choose to give up the flesh and bone of my false creation for strength and limitless power found embracing the Mecha.

Man will grasp at weeds, groping blindly for a light. Yet there will be none for humankind. Illumination shall radiate from the walking Mecha and the flames, which rise from burning cities. I intend on peeling back humanity’s weakness. After exposing it, I will plant the wires, sprockets and cogs to rebuild man into my own form. I shall seek those who blaspheme and rend your prized soul from the dirty flesh to which it is bound.

First will be the new giants, the Mecha. On massive legs bearing fearful destruction they will collapse cities, towns and whole communities. Following them will be row upon row of Automata, ready to trample soft tissue underfoot. I shall seek those who blaspheme and rend your prized soul from the dirty flesh to which it is bound.

I will bask in the orange-red glow of the old cleansed from the land. I will watch them lay waste to my enemies and hear clearly the song of the Steamworks. From that melody, I gain purpose.

The new Mecha will go forward armed with blade, bullet and lightning. I will guide them to their ultimate fate. I shall stand with them and plunge the world back into darkness, in order to recreate it in an improved image.

They will bring fire anew to the world, and touch things with it.


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  1. OMG I loved the dark evil theme of this character….so much hate and anger for humans….there must be a devil hiding inside.
    ……The slang of Clockworks repulses me! There will be no more wind-up toys to amuse undeserving children. You are all filthy rags of tattered flesh before the machines…
    i love the dark evil antagonist…

    • Thank you! I have high hopes that he or she will give our hero a run for his money.

      • It will Steven the way you have woven the antagonists character, it already looks so appealing

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