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The Very Inspiring Blogger award.

April 9, 2012

Wow, I was nominated for this award on Sunday. I must say it was quite a surprise. I was at first hesitant to accept or participate in the various awards but I came to realize that it is all good. One blogger recognizing others that inspire and motivate. A self-perpetuating wave of appreciation. And so, a HUGE and hearty THANK YOU goes out to Virginia over at Poeta Officium for her nomination of me for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award.

There are rules that come along with acceptance, and here they are:

Thank the nominating blogger: Thank you very much Virginia, I appreciate this award.

List seven facts that others might find interesting about you.

  1. I love the weather/atmosphere on an amateur level. Sunrise/Sunset, great puffy clouds or rain. It fascinates me, and inspires too.
  2. I am afraid that someday I’ll be denounced as a fraud for some piece of fiction that I wrote.
  3. I have grown and changed throughout the course of my life, improving hopefully.
  4. I love to travel, especially with my wife. She makes road trips awesome.
  5. Animated movies can make me cry when they are done masterfully. Rise of the Guardians got me teary and it is only a trailer.
  6. I came close to knocking myself out this weekend. (On the mini-van rear door.)
  7. I love cats.

Lastly, nominate Seven blogs that Inspire you:

  1. Somkritya I love Soma’s blog. She is an activist, dreamer and perhaps above all hopeful and loving. She shares terrific stories with us.
  2. Write To Perfect I would like to think that Chris and I are somewhat like-minded. Terrific Steampunk work in progress over there, along with great writing thoughts.
  3. My Body the City A tough, very tough read. It is a shocking blog about the life of an ex-prostitute and the horrors of the sex-for-money business. The main goal is to raise awareness and combat the conditions that foster it.
  4. Deidra Alexander Fun, witty and just a great read.
  5. Jenchay From across the pond, a deeply philosophical blog filled with terrific poetry.
  6. A Little Bit Fairy. Great fantasy art. Very whimsical and enjoyable.
  7. Belle of the Mountains. Wonderful fantasy work, poems of all sorts, some artwork and Latin!

These bloggers are fantastic. They are putting inspiring work out there, I strongly encourage you to go check every one of them out!

Again my thanks for the nomination Virginia.


p.s. Shameless self-promotion here: Check out the Latest in my Tale: The Phlogiston Precariousness!


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  1. BelleofMountains permalink

    Awww, thanks so much, S! This really made my day. :)

    And cats and rain are awesome. Do you get excited when you look out and see a storm coming, with those big thick clouds rolling closer every second? I certainly do.

    • My cats inspire a lot of my fantasy work. They are so full of personality. Sometimes too much. Big storms are ok. I do like seeing extreme weather from time to time. However, this past year it was a bit to up close and personal. There was a good deal of flooding in my area from long, heavy rains. I really like the more approachable gentle rains that last all day. Especially during spring/fall. They are the most fun to run in.

  2. Thank you so much Steven you are a sweet heart..
    by the way that 2nd point :lol:
    do you have a back up plan :)
    Have a great day :)

    • Perhaps unsurprisingly I do have a backup plan. I will retreat behind the phrase: “It’s Fiction!” Hoping that works. And you are more than welcome. You have a great day too!

  3. Congrats! It’s a wonderful thing to be able to inspire others, and to be acknowledged by others for doing so!

    • Thank you. I appreciate everyone who stops in and takes the time to read the posts.

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