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Did You Peep Sunrise Today?

April 5, 2012

I was driving into work today and was reminded why I enjoy living where I do. My daily commute is almost an hour. The incredible and important bit is that it takes me downstream two beautiful rivers (and back upstream at the end of the day.) When I finally reach my destination sunrise is in effect. The sky itself is a pale blue, to the east the clouds are suffused with orange and yellows. To the west purples and pinks dominate. The air is clear and cool and today especially, the grass and trees are bursting forth in their lush green coats. The river takes on the colors of dawn while it slides past the city and the southern steel mills. From various points due south, eastern shore of the river steam rises from industry. Small industry to be sure, but enough to be seen and heard from a distance. Enough to inspire.

I wanted to talk today about writing and time. I am working on this Steampunk story that you may be reading online as it’s posted. I am hopeful that you are. My process for it is to write a scene (about 1500-1700 words give or take.) Then I edit the copy, and finally post the scene. I am presently preloading 1-2 scenes a week, but then missing every other week, so I am just barely managing to keep ahead of my pseudo deadline. Because let’s face it, I do not think anyone is really going to take umbrage if I miss a Monday morning post.

Anyway, Time. A lot of writers seem to have time constraints. This I think is just a fact of life. Writing is important, so we make the time to write. For example I work a full-time job (whee!), commute almost 2 hours each day. Participate in my son’s activities, try to carve out time for my wife, sleep and more recently attend physical therapy. Busy. I am sure there are other’s out there in this world with a more hectic schedule and I am not complaining, just outlining that there isn’t a lot of time left in the day for a lot of extracurricular activities.

So, Choices. That is what it comes down to. Making choices to get accomplished what I would like to. Some people take smoke breaks, eat lunch in the break room or go for walks. I choose to sit and edit pages, or write new ones. Saturday mornings are filled with cartoons and a laptop, in order to correct / update the text. I may never have the output of some writers, who seem to crank out complete novels in a few months. But I am creating, building, writing and improving. More importantly, I am making sure that I do not short change other priorities in my life: Family, health, experiencing what I can outside of my home. Say for instance, sunrise during my morning commute.

How about you all? What do you do to carve that time out for writing? How do you balance home life with the life of your characters? Do you make sure to take time to come up for air and get involved in everything around you?

Many wishes for a wonderful day to all of you.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great post. It’s all about planning and scheduling for me. If I don’t then I’ll never get any writing done. I thought I could wing it but you really cant. Oh and nix the TV. You get so much more done without that annoying box.

    • Winging the writing is hard. I schedule writing during my breaks, and then look to times at home when I can do so without disrupting time with family. Usually boils down to 5am when I wake up or late weekend nights after everyone’s in bed.

  2. This is a fun post, loved the view you described while going to work( post some pics if possible would be nice)
    i normally get time in the mid mornings, but i prefer nights,they are more inspiring than daytime.
    but i am so done with scheduling it never worked for me and then the resulting frustation was affecting my other work,so now it is whenever i can ….i keep my note pad with me at all the times.

    • A notepad or blank journal is essential. I have one with me at all times too. I will have to check to see if I have any photos. I know I have taken pictures, it’s just that they are from my cell phone, and I am not sure where on the computer they are :)

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