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March 15, 2012

Welcome to the mid-week post. Whee! We are having a spate of wonderful weather (65-73 degrees Farenheit, sunny) and alas I cannot run. I can however hang out all sloth-like in the sun.  Which is almost as much fun.

I finished my latest edits on ‘The Fall of Akui’ and uploaded them to Quantum Muse. Not quite sure when it might be published. The Jury is still out on that. There is one vote for and none against. Which I take as a good sign. If you enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy and the diverse sub genres involved, you cannot find a better, free, online monthly collection. The community is supportive, creative and fun.

As for my Steampunk project going on right here, I have about one-third of Chapter 4, Scene 1 complete. I should be able to knock out a third today and the last part tomorrow. That will keep me in good shape with my buffer. Remember: each Monday is when a new post for the story goes live.

There are nine chapters on my virtual corkboard, and I seem to be splitting each chapter into 2 scenes. Which means 18 total posts for ‘The Phlogiston Precariousness‘ And if you are keeping track of minutiae (and I am) that’s an estimated 27,000 words.

And speaking of that, I am presently sketching a collage of images from the various stories in this series. I do not know where I am going with it, perhaps nowhere, but that’s all right by me.

I have been trying to put together an umbrella name for the series. No luck so far. I know I had a good idea last night, but I failed to write it down and now I’ve lost it. That’s frustrating on so many levels. It also speaks to the need of keeping my journal much closer at hand than where it normal resides. The lessons we learn I suppose.

Oh, did I mention ‘Tears of an Automaton’ was picked up by Quantum Muse? They scheduled it for publication on May 21st. The Flash Fiction pieces run for one week, so save the date!

Thank you so much for stopping in!



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  1. Hey congrats Steven i hope they publish Fall of Akui soon and will check out Tears of automation on may 21st
    All the best
    and thank you so much for linking me :)

    • I feel pretty confident about the story. I really enjoyed writing it. As for linking, no problem at all. You have done a great deal to assist my blog, I am only too happy to return the favor when possible.

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