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The next scene.

March 12, 2012

Happy Monday! Today brings the second installment of ‘The Phlogiston Precariousness.’ We conclude the first chapter with several introductions and a departure.

Happily things are moving along well with the story as a whole. I am working on the first scene of the fourth chapter presently. A nice little buffer is set and ready to go. I think I may have stumbled onto a good method for working. Write in small manageable bits, proof that bit to death and then move on to the next piece.

I think Scrivener has the right of it. Since that is where I got the inspiration from. Unfortunately I have yet to purchase a license and eventually my trial will run out. Such is the way it goes.

Lastly I am sketching several pictures that will hopefully be quality enough for either cover   or banner art.

Last item, I am learning how to create a menu with the WordPress software. I want to have sub-menu items for the chapters/scenes as well as previous and next on each page to make navigating in the story easier.

Thanks for reading!

See you on Thursday.



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