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LkM3-01 Automaton

February 27, 2012

Good day everyone! Friday night found me itchin’ to do something creative, so I knocked out a quick pen/pencil sketch of an early Automaton that Johnathan Fawkes had designed. Those of you who read this blog with any regularity will know that Johnathan is a character from Tears of an Automaton. I had kicked out two different sketches on scrap paper at work, and this past Friday I decided to try formalizing it a bit. The rough scan appears at the end of the post.

Strangely I found myself drawn to Johnathan this weekend. I started writing short journal entries from various points in his last two years at college/university when he was thinking about the notion of Automata and how to make them more than just simple windup toys. I found a goal for him, a driving reason to create. Though I will say maybe not the best or most original. I found myself thinking as he would how to approach different issues like how would the machine think, what sort of power supply would it require and what to do in the face of roommates who increasingly experiment with Laudanum?

I think the seed of something larger for Johnathan was planted in my head by a critique I received on the flash fiction, saying that the FF piece could be parlayed into something larger. I agree tha the flash fiction story could be part of something bigger, and here is a little spoiler for readers: It is.

Anyway, here’s the sketch, enjoy! Oooo, reminder next Monday will be the first posting of Chapter 1, scene 1 of The Phlogiston Precariousness. (I have four scenes comprising two chapters written and almost ready for posting!) Today I will begin Chapter 3, Scene 1.

Thanks for reading, and without further ado: The Sketch.

LkM3-01 Automaton

Head and upper torso of an LkM3-01 Automaton


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