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Blog Updates and Such.

February 24, 2012

Just a brief status quo sort of update. Unfortunately I have been very busy with work and non-writing/blogging type things. Actually, that is a good thing. I would hate to become so beholden (ooooo beholden… sorry it is an inside joke with myself.) with writing that I fail to Experience Life. Last weekend for example. No writing done, however quite a lot of life experiencing. As I told my son, “We’re exploring!”

Here is the status… I have updated the menu portion of the blog. I created an actual menu, with a Steampunk Adventures link. That will take you into pages like: Tears of an Automaton, Deliverance of Justice, and my new project: The Phlogiston Precariousness. You may recall last post I mentioned starting on March 5th I will be posting 1 scene a week from the story until it is finished. And then I’ll probably do the same with the next one. The menu is set and so is the parent page.

Presently I have a four scene buffer prepared. Which equates to the first two chapters. Hopefully by the 5th, I will have at least one or two more scenes completed.

The Fall of Akui is currently being critiqued over at Quantum Muse. I received some feedback and I am taking those suggestions under consideration and updating the story as I see fit. Tears of an Automaton is also under consideration for a slot in their weekly flash fiction.

I have been sketching a bit, today I settled on an avatar image that I will hopefully take from paper to digital and then use it for my online profiles. It will be nice to have something of my own to represent me.

Well, that seems to be about it. Not a terribly exciting post, or long. Ah well. Oh, next week: Progress snapshot for viewing fun and enjoyment!

Everyone, have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!


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