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A Realization and a Goal.

February 21, 2012

It dawned on me this morning that although this blog is titled: “Tales From Xira” there have been very few tales told. I mean really, 3 short works have made it to this site. More on that in a moment.

I did want to take a moment to mention a webcomic that I really enjoy: reMind. It’s a weekly updating comic that follows the adventures of a Lizardman, whose brain was transplanted into the body of a cat. I highly recommend reading it from the beginning. Why you ask? Because Volume 2 is going to start on Monday February 27th. This is one of the webcomics I mentioned at the start of writing this blog.

Ok, back to me. (^_~)     (love eastern emoticons!)

Here is what I am thinking. I started writing the first story in my planned series. I am toying with the notion of doing a weekly post of the story. Each chapter is made up of scenes, two or three per chapter I suspect. I would like to post the story scene by scene here for consumption. I would likely target a rate of 1 scene per week since each one is going to be roughly 1,000 words. I think I will launch this either the first or second week of March which gives me two weeks to build up a buffer of a couple more scenes. I am most of the way through the second one right now.

Doing this will give me a chance to put myself on a very light deadline and an opportunity to share my current work almost as it happens. The story will be in a draft form, which I will refine as time goes on. I plan on going over each scene multiple times before posting it, so it should be somewhat polished and free of major errors (both real and imagined.)

I am hoping to achieve a couple of things here. First I would like to publish the stories one at a time, commit to polishing them and making the series as good as possible. Next, I would also really like to get feedback on them. I want to know what the reader’s think. So, fingers crossed everyone. Goal: March 5th, which is the first Monday in March. Setting Monday as the target publish date is probably the best bet. That way I can write the scene Monday-Friday, then edit/clean Saturday and Sunday. Like webcomics I intend on building a ‘buffer’ of scenes so I will always (hopefully) be ahead of the curve, but should something go awry I have something ready each Monday.

In honor of making this decision, I’d like to post the second index card. The first one is here. This ought to give you, the gentle reader, a bit of a teaser for what Chapter 1 is about. Again, the card text is in italics.

Hospital (Interior):

Orderly Lorenzo wheels Ignatius through reception toward appointment with Doctor Salinger. Mr. Broussard bursts into reception excited about a horse in the drive. Nurse Lockett orders him removed. A messenger from the Mayor’s office arrives just as Doctor Salinger gets to reception to take Ignatius. The mayor’s man exerts the Mayor’s influence and takes Ignatius. A large plume of smoke is visible south of the hospital grounds.

  • Ignatius St. Eligius
  • Doctor Salinger
  • Nurse Lockett
  • Jean Jacques Broussard
  • Timmons (The Mayor’s Aide.)

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