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February 9, 2012

Just a short blurb on writing today. I recently started trying to outline my story on index cards. Apparently this is a thing. Usually involves a corkboard too. I tried to peer into the hazy coagulated mess of gray matter that I jokingly refer to as ‘my mind’ and could not locate any reference to outlining a manuscript on a indexcard. Speeches, yep. Reports, oh sure.

I mention a piece of software later on in this post, but that is where the corkboard and index card lightbulb came from. It makes such sense now. I located a small stack of the little white lined cards and set to work. Of course I am not sure exactly what I am doing. However, it seems like a good way to put down quickly and flexibly ideas and a loose flow of the story.

Here’s card 1.A from the steampunk story I am starting ‘The Phlogiston Precariousness.’  Card text is in italic.

The Hospital – Opening

2 Orderlies, Ignatius (in wheelchair)

  • Watching Balloon on approach to Forster Island.
  • Purpose: Orderlies deliver some back story
    • Why is Ignatius at the Harrisburg Hospital
    •  Brief synopsis of Harrisburg in the late 1870s
    •  Note arrives from the Mayor’s office
  • 1 orderly is a senior employee, the other is brand new.

Basically I am describing the first chapter of the story. It takes place on the lawn of the hospital, a lighter-than-aircraft is approaching the landing zone on Forster Island. Ignatius is sitting out on the lawn watching as two orderlies discuss him and the location a bit. The sub elements are main questions/bits of information that I want to include. I’m thinking I am going to start actual writing soon even though I still have questions about the conclusion of the story. Not quite sure how to get the confrontation/revelations out. Ah well, I find that the answer usually presents itself.

Bit of some clean up. I forgot to post some things of note earlier.

1. Quantum Muse has published their February E-Zine: Check it out! Especially the artist of the month. Great work!

2. Writing tips from the Pros. Found this in my ‘Zite’ magazine (app on the HP Touchpad.)

3. Sketching a little bit here and there over the weekend. Nothing finished or even partially ready for show and tell. Just thought I’d mention it though.

4. Downloaded and installed Scrivener (again based on something I read off my TP.) Going to try writing some of my steampunk work in it and see how I like it. Is it worth $49.00, we’ll see.

5. The internal debate on self-publishing via continues. I seem most reluctant due to lack of art for a book cover. That just feels wrong. I do want my story to get the broadest distribution possible though, and cover art is required. sigh.. :)

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear from you, feel free to drop a line in the comments section.



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One Comment
  1. Thanks for the links Steven..specially the writing tips very informative….
    surfed pretty good and they do spread e work to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble etc…Wish you all the best
    hey why dont you make a collage of you half finished sketches and post …( just a suggestion)

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