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Weekend Update

February 6, 2012

Well, this post is pretty unfocused. I’ll group things into buckets so you can skip around the parts you may not be interested in. Writing, Programming or Running


Well, I finished two projects. One is: Tears of An Automaton. Which I posted. Today, I started re-reading and editing it with the dread red pen. Second: The Fall of Akui  the draft has been cleaned up and it is ready for submission. I will be posting it for publication at Quantum Muse in a little while. If accepted, I expect it will be out for March and April. It’s large enough (10k+ words) that I chose to break it into two parts. This effectively clears my writing deck to start work on my steampunk series, and finished off my steampunk/gaslamp story: Plague Lights. That manuscript has sat long enough. It needs to be finished.


I updated my storyCreator application. I added stage status percentages and the ability to chart progress. I think a chart is nice to peek at from time to time. Even better, I added the ability to export the chart to a .png file (portable network graphic.) Which means, I can post it here! Whee! Now all I have to do is update the content of the application. I am very happy that Adobe is continuing to support Flex.


I received/purchased some new gear for running over the past two months. First my wife gave me a wonderful pull-over from Mizuno: The Blaze Warmer. I posted a short review on Mizuno’s website. It is not up yet, however it is on its way!

The other product was a pair of new running shoes! I purchased a pair of Saucony Progrid Kinvara 2. Note, that is the website where I purchased the shoe from. Here is Saucony’s website. A very nice, lightweight shoe. It comes in at 7.3 ounces for a men’s size 9, I have a 9.5, so I imagine add an ounce there. The shoes are light, flexible and the heel drop is only 4mm. This makes for a very nice transitional shoe, going from full on cushioned to bare minimalist. I do not have any plans to go completely minimalist. These shoes lace up quickly, breathe very well because the upper is a complete mesh and feel really good on my feet. My calves have ached after use, but I figure that is part of the transition process along with not using orthopedic inserts and backing down the amount of running I have been doing. So far, I like the shoes a great deal. The build quality may come into question though if I lose a seam, which there are signs of by my right big toe.

There it is, more or less. I will have to put together a more formal review of the cold weather gear for running for later. Though if I wait too long the cold will be over.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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