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Tears of An Automaton

January 27, 2012

Today I’d like to share a slice from my journal as well as a piece of flash fiction that is the result of the journal entry.

But first a little background. Last night as I was preparing to retire for the night I went through my usual process: Gathering clothes for work, showering etc.. Without warning a title presented itself to me “An Automata’s Tears”. I cannot explain how or why that popped into my head.

Three seconds into researching it, I discovered that for my flash fiction title and storyline the word Automata is not correct. That is the plural of the actual term I needed: Automaton. See this article on Wikipedia. Here is the principle definition.

An automaton (plural: automata or automatons) is a self-operating machine.

So, a hasty renaming of the file/story later…I wound up with: “Tears of An Automaton.”

And so, a piece of Flash Fiction was born!

Here is the rather simple entry:



“An Automata’s Tears”

Flash/stub fiction. Automata at the end of its life cycle. Borders on sentient. Or rather it’s owner is dying and it is saddened. Through the loss it realizes emotion and growth.


I have posted the rough (but complete) draft over here. Please take a few minutes and give it a read.

Thanks for reading!



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