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‘Ol Number 45.

January 23, 2012

Well, here we are at post number 45. Not really any kind of milestone, but I felt like treating it as such. Today we have a status update and just because I’m making today’s post up as I go along, an excerpt from my notebook!

First the status: I am almost done with the rough draft edits on ‘The Fall of Akui’. Here is a list of the things that are going to happen:

  1. Incorporate my changes into the manuscript. When I move from rough draft to revision I take care of the technical issues first and foremost. That means grammar, spelling and general sentence structure.
  2. Change filename of manuscript to reflect it is now a revision instead of a rough draft. Save copies to my cloud storage accounts.
  3. Print a clean copy of the manuscript out, re-read it. This time looking for plot consistency, character development and correct any missing gaps in the story. Elements like background information, missing actions etc..
  4. Incorporate changes into revision 2 and submit to Quantum Muse website in two parts, the finished short story will probably be pushing 9500+ words, so breaking it up will hopefully make it easier for readers.

Sadly, I think I am going to put off illustrating ‘The Fall of Akui’ for now. I need to work on my drawing ability more anyway. If I can craft some good images I will certainly put them into any electronic publishing endeavor.

As for my next project, the series of Steampunk adventures I am really hoping to write a prologue/introduction to the first story this week. I do need to work more on the structure of the stories, more outlining and plot development. I also need to work on more characters and figure out how each one will fit in. In a pseudo related thought I should finish my little programming project and get that online. If I get it online, then I can publish the character descriptions and places from the stories I am working on. However, that is far down on my list of priorities right now.

I keep a notebook near me at all times. I use Moleskine brand because of their literary reputation and history. In it I write and collect my thoughts regarding writing, projects and occasionally just stray thoughts that hit me. It never fails to amaze me how my writing changes from notebook to MS-Word file. Anyway, here’s a little peek at part of one scene from ‘The Fall of Akui’.

Notebook Excerpts:


– Running Low on notebook paper.

– Dialog: Uragiru/Nan/Bo

“Kahji is slain!”

“How is this possible?” demanded Bo.

“I don’t know. I saw him near the edge of the trees. There was a sword wound on his back,” explained Uragiru. “Something dragged his body away!”

“Our time is at hand. We must act now.”

“Bo, is that wise? What of Yuuki?” asked Nan.

“We cannot wait, we must go. Besides,” he said quietly, “What if Kahji is dead by his hand?”

“Then we will be lost, for without Claw and Fang we are as nothing.”

– Setting Yuuki as mistrusted.

—— Rough draft version of same dialog. For comparison. ——

“Kahji is slain!” cried Uragiru.

“How is this possible?” demanded Bo.

“I do not know Sensei, I saw him near the edge of the trees. He bore a sword wound on his back,” explained Uragiru.

His gold eyes were round globes glistening in the dying light. Bo grunted and heaved himself to his feet.

“Take us to him. Perhaps Nan can do something for Kahji before it is too late,”

“But master, it is. Something dragged him off!”

“Our time is at hand. We must act. It is time to face our enemy,” Bo said.

“Bo is that wise? What of Yuuki?” inquired Nan.

“We cannot wait. We must go because night is falling and with it our chances of success.,” Bo said. Quietly he added: “What if Kahji is dead by Yuuki’s hand?”

“Then we will be lost,” snapped Nan, “for without Claw and Fang we are as nothing to Akui.”

—— END Excerpt. —–

I hope you enjoyed today’ update, as well as the tiny peek into my process. Let me know what you think in the comments section!

Thanks for reading!



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