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The State of my Status

January 16, 2012

This weekend I finished the rough draft of ‘The Fall of Akui.’ I am entering the editing/refinement process with a sense that I left something important out, but I cannot remember what it is. I am hoping that during the edit process I remember and put the missing bits back in place. I will have to look through my notes too.

I think I need to start being a little smarter and more organized when writing. No matter what the length of the piece is, having a good outline and list of things that you want to include is a good thing. I read that ideas are happening to us all of the time. Writers are adept at recognizing that fact, and I would opinion that an effective writer manages to record and organize said ideas.

I would still like to illustrate the story, but that is taking a backseat to actually finishing and polishing the written portion.

Other than that, I have very roughly outlined a series of short stories, which I believe I may have already mentioned in this post. I would like to take a few minutes and expand on this. The series will be made up of short stories varying in length. They will tie together in a cohesive flow, they may not be put out in exact chronological order. Inspired by the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, this collection will center around a protagonist and his companions as they solve varying mysteries and problems.

I am envisioning an alternate version of Earth, late 1800s, Harrisburg PA and its surrounding environs. This allows me to play free and loose with people, dates, actual city layouts, events etc.. I will try to honor the major points of the historical timeline but never attempt to adhere to every little minute detail of it.

Actually, you can get a flavor of what I intend on this page, as it introduces the three principle characters. Now I have already said in another post that the story is lacking severely in ‘A Deliverance of Justice’, however the characters and dialog are spot on. I think it shall be great fun romping around Harrisburg during its rise to prominence as the state capital, and an industrial center just years after the American Civil War.

In other news, the fine folks at Quantum Muse are gearing up for the upcoming year. They are laying out plans for another Humor writing contest, as wells as another Halloween horror issue in October. Plus even more exciting there is discussion about setting up a ‘best of’ edition that would be available for purchase in e-pub and print formats. You may wish to head over to the site and subscribe to their news feed to stay up to date with the goings on.

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  1. Aah so thats what was keeping you and i was wondering where you were …am happy to see the progress…what you are feeling now( did I miss something,hope not) its quite normal and its for good too, will keep you going back and checking…but am sure the final draft is going to be super exciting..All the best Steven..

    • Thank you very much. I appreciate both the well wishes and the nominations. You are a great supporter and I really am honored by it.

  2. Hi Steven I have nominated you for One lovely blog award..if you are interested then please follow the link to know more-

  3. Hi Steven I have nominated you for Genuine Blogger Award. Please follow the link to know more

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