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A New Year Begins.

January 3, 2012

I apologize for the quiet emanating from this blog recently. Here we are in 2012, at the start of something new. Change always seems best and brightest at the onset of the new calendar. I too am working on changing somethings. Setting a time aside for writing that does not interrupt more important daily matters is one. Ditto for running.

What then am I planning for this year? I plan on finishing my Gas Light genre story: Plague Lights. It is several chapters away from being complete and ready for revising. So I’d best get on with it. The Fall of Akui needs to be completed. The story is only a couple thousand words short. Then there are my two larger projects: Ronin 3, which is barely started and a steampunk series of short stories.

I intend on trying something new. I plan on writing with a partner. What will come out of it, I am not sure. Fables, sit-coms, one-off gags? I cannot guess. I do know that I will post the results here whenever possible. And to be sure, I will push forward with little bits about writing whenever I can. This week, I think I will do something on the uses of weather in my writing.

2012 is going to be completely different from 2011, stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.



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