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Dreams and Ambitions

November 28, 2011

Welcome to another exciting Monday! Today is CyberMonday, largest online shopping day of the year. (END OF USELESS TRIVIA.)

I published an updated version of the Uragiru/Yuuki sketch. You can compare it to the old version if you like. I am about 1/3 of the way done cleaning up the Master Bo/Madame Nan sketch and hope to get it online soon. In addition to that, I created a new page to house the various sketches so you can flick through them at your leisure any time, all in one place.

Last night I was reading a post on a web comic that I have mentioned before: The Bean. The author announced the second Kickstarter campaign for his second graphic novel. I thought about it for a few minutes.  Here is an artist, with a thriving web comic site doing what it takes to get his work out to the world. He could try the traditional route and bang on doors or shout at the sky for months if not years (though honestly, his work and talent could not be ignored I think.) Instead he seized the reins of his work’s destiny and stepped out on his own.

And he is not alone.

I see many examples of people following their dreams and fulfilling their ambitions online. In fact most of the web comics I read are self-sustaining and growing. It seems to me that people are starting to take control away from large corporate entities regardless of what the perceived cost might be. Nowadays there are plenty of tools to allow artists (writers, illustrators, musicians etc..) to produce/publish their material in their own way.

A lot of people think that to be successful at something you need a multi-book deal and lot’s of money thrown your way. Just look at sites like,,, They have opened up the world of publishing to anyone. And that I am sure, barely touches the vast resources out there.

Here then is my ambition, my dream, my goal in life related to writing. Because honestly writing (while important to me) is likely not what I will be remembered for. And almost secretly I am both aware and at peace with that. What is important is family and the relationships that are nurtured there. Right, sorted then. Family first, then writing. Anyway back to the point at hand: I want to publish my work. I want to see physical copies of my work.

But wait, what was all that I just said about people striking out on their own using online tools? I can cite three examples of what I am talking about: Sheldon, reMind and The Bean. They each started on paper, moved online and then produced physical books. Collections of their work, for sale, which can be purchased and held in hand.

They all are seeing their dreams/ambitions through. Perhaps I am inferring too much from what I have read and seen of their work online, I must confess I do not know any of the artists personally. I do however see their progress through my own artist colored lenses.

My dream and ambition for writing: complete some works, publish them electronically for sale and in turn use that capital to fund the printing of my manuscripts as physical books. Every writing project I do, this blog, short stories, manuscripts, journal entries, all of it is to improve my abilities. To ensure that these imaginations, ideas, thoughts can be turned into something worth reading, worth enjoying.

Do I envision becoming the next Stephen King, J.K. Rowling or even JK Konrath? Not really. My dream is put my work out for the world at large to discover, and do what it takes to help people find it. I want to establish a relationship with readers and make a connection through the characters I create. I would like to do it with a grateful heart knowing that in even the smallest success or greatest failure I tried my best.

Thanks for stopping in and reading. I appreciate each person who visits. Drop me a line any time in the comments section.



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  1. I absolutely love the way you are guiding as well as developing your work ,..I totaly get where you are coming from when you talk about writing blogs,stories,journals to improve abilities writing, understanding market as well as assess our work..I have been writing for quite sometime now but i needed to put my work in open and see how things were been seen by readers…helps in polishing my work…and slowly learning the tricks of trade.

    • Thank you very much! I am encouraged that others are in the same place as I am, pushing out into the open.

  2. I have nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award please go through the link-

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