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Clever is out.

November 23, 2011

Yeah, couldn’t think of a clever bit for today’s posting title. That’s ok though. Things are a bit fragmented as of late. So for today, a quick rough sketch from the profiles. This is Mistress Nan and Master Bo. Rough Pencil sketch.

Mistress Nan and Master Bo
Mistress Nan and Master Bo, Shining Light Monks

Another crude, un-edited sketch. I’m just so excited about it I have to share. Anyway, since I face a longish holiday weekend with nothing on my agenda, I will be able to polish both this and the previous profiles sketch. Whoooo.

The writing is coming along reasonably well. I am not exactly slamming words down with wild abandon. I am being fairly deliberate and trying to be most efficient with the little time I manage to get to write. I have set up several pretty good scenes that ought to move the reader along both in pacing and interesting content.

I bid you all a safe and happy holiday. I hope you get a chance to hang out with loved ones and celebrate a season of thanks.



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