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Friday Fun

November 18, 2011

Another sketch for your viewing pleasure. I apologize for this one. Again I scanned it at the office without any decent graphic tools to clean it up and make it look better. I will try to fix it up over the weekend and update the image. It is a pair of headshots for Uragiru and Yuuki.

Finished off a particularly tricky bit of writing last night. Writing a death scene is never easy for me. I invest in the characters (both good ones and evil ones) and doing anything to them is never done lightly. Last night I sat in front of my laptop, cursor blinking at a new line and pondered. How was I going to do this. I got up and wandered around the house aimlessly for a few minutes and sat down. Stared again. Typed some words. Paused, erased that, wrote new words. Grimaced, got up again. More aimless wandering.

Finally I said to myself: Just do it. Slap something, anything down. If it looks bad, so be it. That is what revisions are for. Much like ripping off a band-aid (though personally I never found that to work any better. The obvious solution is to allow the band-aid to soak in warm soapy water.)

I dashed off the scene kind of quickly. I mean I do have a sense of pride in my work after all. Re-reading it I thought it came out all right. descriptive enough to get the point across, but not disrespectful to the character, story or anything that would gross out a reader.

It comes down to this: It is necessary to do things that we may not like. This is true for life as well as writing. Many times when we deal with the must do items, those which we do not like, a good lesson is learned or a chance for real growth as a person becomes available.

The same holds true in writing. The story has a chance to become larger, more poignant. The characters involved define themselves in ways that are often clear, even though initially perhaps their motives are not. Allowing your creation room to grow and change, accepting it, encouraging it even, I feel are necessary to tell a story. It cannot be constrained and expected to thrive.

On to the picture. Again I apologize for the poor quality. I will see about improving on it this weekend.

Uragiru and Yuuki Headshots

Uragiru and Yuuki Headshots


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