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The Earth Spirit Rises

November 17, 2011


Well, I have another quick sketch. This one is of the Earth Spirit. He will figure into my Ronin 3 and The Fall of Akui tales. I can not say for certain at this point how much of a role he will have.

When designing the character I wrote down these thoughts:

  • Should be old, as old as the planet. This ties back to my thoughts on the Spirits and how they are anchored to a particular location or object. The Earth Spirit is anchored to the planet.
  • We know he is old by the long flowing mustache and beard.
  • We know he is of the Earth by the waterfall, cloud bank around his waist, you cannot see it in this picture but there is a forest on his back. His body is mostly rock and dirt.
  • He is kindly, loving and wise. He is slow (as geological clocks) and patient. Never in a rush. Correctly believes that he will do what he must in due time.

The sketch is simple pen and paper, hastily cleaned up in MS-Paint (yikes!) Mainly because the only place I have access to a flatbed scanner is at the office.  (^_~)

The Earth Spirit

The Earth Spirit



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