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General Calamity

November 14, 2011

I cannot think of any useful things to say today. So I am going to spew a few words on some Tablets.

As you may know (or not even care.) is releasing their Kindle Fire tablet this week. It was noted that some were even shipping early (today.) Later this week Barnes and Noble will start shipping their 2nd generation tablet the Nook Tablet (ne Nook Color 2). Lots of people have done comparisons of these

Wired magazine and Engadget both have reviews for the Fire: here’s and Engadget’s Review. Both sites gave middle of the road scores to the Fire. I am not going to dig into the results. You can read those for yourself. Also, I am not trying to sell anyone anything. So, there you go. My opinion is just that, and worth every ha’penny it’s stamped on…Which is none.

I have to admit though, I was expecting the Fire to do better. Even its Silk Browser, which was supposed to be a revolution in browsers, failed to impress the reviewers overly much. 

For a while the Nook Color (first generation, the second is official called Nook Tablet) was the only sub $300 dollar tablet that I even contemplated buying. Partially because any B&N store I walked into had one prominently on display for touching and testing. I was impressed by its abilities. There were not many competitors in the same spec/price space as it. Sure there were unheard of brands, with restive screens and skimpy technical specs. But they did not hold a candle to the Color.

Now we are at the edge of the Nook Tablet release. Which has a similar sized screen, better internals (dual core processor, 1 gig of ram, 16 gigs of storage + 32gig card slot.) It also has a reported battery life of 11 hours for reading, 9 hours of video playback. Which tops the Fire’s batter life by at worst 30-45 minutes, at best almost 2 hours. It does cost $50 dollars more, and is not so tied into Cloud computing as the Fire (Kindle Fire owners get unlimited Amazon Cloud storage for all their purchased content.)

Saddle the Fire up with the Amazon Prime account plan ($80 a year) and you get access to a wealth of free and discounted digital offerings. Yet I still lean over toward the Nook Tablet. I like the increased hardware specs, the ability to store and swap content with a SD card, and the longer battery life are pros. Of course this is sight unseen, and has yet to be reviewed by a professional.

What am I going to do then? Probably try to acquire an HP Touchpad of course! Unfortunately the Touchpad was discontinued about 3 months after initial release. Big travesty and bruhaha. Now you can score one for under $250. So a full-sized tablet, with the power and apps for minor productivity use (document editing, calendar, email etc..) plus apps for e-reading, games and other activities for roughly the same as a brand new Nook Tablet (that has marginally weaker specs.) Yeah, I’d go that route.

Anyhow, there it is, a decentralized rant on technology with nothing useful as the end result other than stating that my desire is to purchase an unsuccessful product. Whoooo. Better pace myself before I hurt something.

Thanks for reading!



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