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Sketchy Friday

November 11, 2011

Bonus post!

 Today is just a quick one. I sketched the opening scene from a short story I am working on titled: “The Fall of Akui”.

Akui is the Japanese word for Malice. Defined thusly: (n,adj-no) (1) ill will; spite; evil intention; (2) bad meaning; (n) (3) (criminal) malice; (4) mala fides (criminal intent to deceive); (P) (Thanks to Jeffery’s Japanese Dictionary for the translation)

The sketch depicts a band of warriors and monks travelling through desolate lands. It may be hard to tell, but the cast is anthropomorphic cats. They are from left to right: Yuuki, Master Bo, Mistress Nan, Master Kahji and Uragiru. This short takes place thirty-five years prior to the longer project I am working on. Depending on if more sketches come out of the writing I may not submit it to an online e-zine for publication, but rather post it here. I think would be a good place to publish it.

The Fall of Akui
Onward to Akui

Please enjoy both the picture and your Friday (or whatever day/time it is where you are!)


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  1. hey sounds interesting,( specially the name and concept) of it

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