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Skimming Along

November 3, 2011

Day three. We were lost, half-starved maniacs with a dream. That dream included a half-dozen wing-nuts, two ocelots and a mai-tai. Not sure what the nuts were for. Oh bother.

As I crawl in and out of a post caffeine haze I see that I have managed to write effectively in my notebook each day (2 so far…) Last night I threw some excellent morsels into my writing program. Some ideas, a description of a race, some dialog and 2 new characters. The down side is none of that work will help me finish the very nearly, but obviously not quite finished manuscript.

I know it will not write itself, but at the moment I am not feeling moved to work on it. Other things are drawing my attention. Is this a problem? Should I be able to focus on one thing and bring it to a close before moving on to the next? Time is always a concern, time and energy. It seems like I either run out of time in the day or simply out of energy. Which in turn puts me off writing.

All of this feels like a cop-out. I should just step up and take that MS by its shoulders and show it who’s the boss.

The last few days were pretty bad. Lack of caffeine (a poor buying decision on my part put me in THAT boat) has left me drained and lethargic at the end of a day. Boredom too I think has sapped some of my drive. The day job is not terribly busy. I am waiting on the installation of a new operating system which will effectively cripple my ability to work for several days. Too paranoid to create new work (and files) because it will just have to be backed up <<AGAIN>> 

Speaking of writing and things that distract me from it. I got home from work yesterday and I was asked to sit at the kitchen table and draw by my son. Moments like that make me feel many things: Blessed, grateful, proud. While he worked on several trains I turned my hand to another sketch of Kahji. You may remember him from Tuesday’s post. This was an attempt at a running shot.  The head and shoulders are poorly done, but the legs and arms look decent. It was done on photo copier paper, but I may still ink it completely and scan it. Hopefully before I lose my desktop scanner at work.

I should have one more post this week. I think I will use it to start my posts about my writing tools.

Thank you for dropping in.



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