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Double Trouble Tuesday.

November 1, 2011

I’m back. Ok, for those interested in writing and left the room during my previous post, please come on back!

I’ll start with a Best Of Luck shout to all the participants in the National Novel Writing Month. I hope it’s a fantastic experience for you.

Quantum Muse released the November stories! There are also some fun new additions to the website that visitors can experience. Some of the authors have published works out for purchase in different formats. The site now has a few banners placed advertising those works.

My own writing task for November is about to start over lunch. Got the notebook here at my desk near my elbow. Gonna work on some development for the Cat Samurai story. I feel that I need to define where they are, what sort of Spirits roam the world and what sort of limitations they will have. Not to mention outlining the different races.

I came up with a new character last night to fit into that world and I just finished a quick sketch of him. I am thinking the Spirits will need a messenger. Who better than the deceased marathon monk Kahji? I apologize for the image, it is pencil, scanned and published with very basic tools and no time.

Kahji - Messenger of the Spirits.

Kahji - Messenger of the Spirits. Initial concept sketch. Pencil and Copier paper.


By the way, marathon monks are a real group of people in Japan. The image should give you a little feel for the direction I would like the art to go. The writing well, its moving along sluggishly. I hate chosing what to focus on, because I feel like I am shorting another project. I need to focus though in order to make measurable progress. That is goal number 2 for November. Make measurable progress in a current project!

Whee isn’t goal setting fun. Anyway I have to go think, work and write some.

Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. thanks to you I came to know about The Marathon Monks…

    • I looked them up a little more than a year ago. Fascinating examples of endurance and spirituality.

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