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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2011
Moon Streak

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope if you enjoy this holiday that you are having a good time. Otherwise I hope you are having a good day.

Update from my world o’ running: Completed another half marathon, set a new PR and enjoyed myself immensely. The run was beautiful in terms of the scenery. It had snowed the day before, so the entire valley sparkled with ice and snow in the morning sun.

For Halloween, I would like to present a link to an urban fantasy/paranormal short story I wrote: The Homeless Ghosts of Calcutta. I hope you enjoy it! More spooky tales can be found at the e-zine: Quantum Muse. Hurry! The Halloween Spook-tacular is winding down.

UPDATE: In the interest of giving credit where credit is due I must explain that the story “The Homeless Ghosts of Calcutta” was inspired by an article on NPR radio, 2009-10-27 By Sandip Roy. Here is a link to the original article. My apologies for leaving this important fact out.

Did not get much of anything accomplished writing wise this weekend. I did update some of the code in my tools but other than that, nil. Of course tomorrow is the start of National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow. Pens at the ready! Or keyboard.

Of course, I have not forgotten my goal of writing at least every single day of November. My pen and notebook are ready, computer primed. Fingers, itchy. Though that could be something else entirely. I kid. (seriously, maybe it should be seen by someone…)

Keep imaging and keep writing!



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  1. Read the story ‘The homless ghosts of calcutta’ have to admit the Bengali in me got me to the page..loved every spooky bit of it. this is a kind of story one enjoys in cold nights sitting by window enjoying a hot cuppa….

    • Thank you so much. I am very glad to hear that you liked the story. I listen to NPR and several years ago Sandip Roy did an article by the same title which insipired the short story. Check the post, I updated it with the link to the original article. Thanks again for reading!

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