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October 28, 2011

Happy Friday everyone.

I was going to do a post regarding the tools I use in writing, but decided to postpone that until Monday.

Instead I wanted to acknowledge: National Novel Writing Month. The purpose of this is to encourage writers to well, write. The goal is a 50,000 word novel written in one month. November to be exact. Which is 1667 words per day on average. That is a tough challenge even if you do not have work, family, other activities etc. going on.

One blog that I follow: Creating Caela  intends on participating. I look forward to her efforts. She posted a small piece of flash fiction on her site and from that little sample I think I will probably enjoy any larger effort from her. Another blogger: sherylnantus has completed several NaNoWiMo in the past and came away from the experience with a publishable novel. Though you may want to read her recent posts concerning that.

Being a person who would like to take the NaNoWiMo challenge but am unprepared to do so, I am committing to this: Writing every day in November. No word count goal, no finished novel. Rather I will use this November as a getting the habit of writing more ingrained into my routines. Two places will count as writing: my notebook or a computer document (i.e. working on one of my several writing projects). 

If you do not put words to page, nothing will ever come of it. I am sure that sentiment has been expressed by others many times over. In one college class our professor instructed us to keep a daily journal. ‘Just write in it each day, whatever you feel like,’ he said. I am going to take up my notebook and each day write thoughts, bits and doodles whenever they take me (excluding the car…) Those pieces and fragments become details, nuanced ways to make writing come more alive. It works in any genre. The subtle details such as a particular gait in someone’s walk, a nervous habit, the color of the sunrise, or the way the river and mountains may look. (your mileage may vary, mountains and rivers not included in all locations…)

By practicing a habit, it becomes part of your routine. Once it is there as a given thing to do each day, you can then focus on creating a character or fleshing out a plot. Breathing life into your work. It is said that to make a lie more palatable it should contain some measure of the truth. I think that writing fiction is like that.

Sunday for me is another half marathon. Much smaller even than the one I took part in at the beginning of October. The course has me frightened a bit (if Ima be honest.) The first six or so miles are steady climbing. To me it is daunting. The weather forecast is calling for 4-8 inches of snow on Saturday, so there is that to look forward to as well.

I have trained all summer and through to this point. I am conditioned I think well enough to complete the run. Yet I am anxious because it is the unknown that I am facing. I have never run the course or driven it. Though I did live on one of the streets for a year and a half, so I do sort of know what the second half is going to be like. Still I’m registered and barring weather or event postponement, ready to get at it. (I think I can, I think I can…)

On a whim I ordered a pair of socks this past week (running socks.) Let me tell you they were terrific for a five-mile tempo run I did yesterday. My shoes are past their replacement time (nearing 600 miles with them) and my feet were suffering during even an easy pace 3 mile. The socks changed every thing. After spying their ad in Runner’s World magazine I decided to give them a try. I plan on reviewing them after this half marathon, so look for that next week if you are into running.

To recap: National Novel Writing Month is upon us. I am pledging to write everyday in November in order to re-establish a good habit. Running half marathon on Sunday, little scared but eager. Socks good, shoes dying. Creativity: awesome! Get out there and do something creative!



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