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Random Wednesday

October 26, 2011

I watched the premiere of ABC’s Once Upon A Time last night, and I was both unimpressed and impressed at the same time. I kind of like the lead character but I am not particularly sold on the “Real World” portion of the show. I am mostly afraid that it will be a Fairy Tale character populated version of another ABC show: Desperate Housewives. Which I watched several episodes from the 1st season and knew immediately that it was not for me.

The OUAT fairy tale world is exceptional. ABC went pretty top shelf to put together the sets and effects for the fantasy scenes with all of the familiar fairy tale tropes. I will even go as far as saying I like the premise. Here it is in a non-spoiling nutshell kind of way: Wicked Witch casts spell to banish every fairy tale inhabitant to a single small town in Maine, where time stands still and they do not know they are fairy tale characters. Oh to be sure they still have certain traits of their previous life, Snow White appears to be a kind teacher, good-hearted volunteer at the local hospital and a person of Faith (evidenced by the small delicate silver cross she wears in the real world.)

Spoiler laden complaint follows: Prince Charming is dead. If you have seen the premiere you saw this. He was stabbed in the belly with a sword BEFORE the witch’s curse took hold. In my mind he’s dead. Period. No coming back. However, he made it into the real world and is in a coma, with fresh flowers delivered weekly by Snow White. So, obviously he’s gonna make a reappearance later.

I think that the show should have a finite run with a solid conclusion. That would help prevent the show from becoming something trite and poorly done. The result of that is an improperly thought out weak-sauce ending that is tacked on as a last-minute process. There is enough bad television out there as it is. We do not need more foisted off on us.

The settings and backdrops were astounding. I must say the production put into OUAT is very good. I will certainly give the show a few more watches before deciding if I am going to continue to invest my time in it.

OOOOOHHHH! I almost forgot to mention my favorite character of the show: Rumplestiltskin. He looks to be perhaps the larger villian than even the Wicked Witch. The character is played with gleeful malice, dynamic expressions and changing pitch, cadance, tone and inflection that he is fascinating to watch.

Looking down the road for my next few posts I plan on another character discussion, the tools I use to write with and maybe a new page with a new story on it.

Thanks for reading folks, see you soon!



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