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Wednesday Commuting, Brainstorming.

October 19, 2011

Driving into my day job today I spent some commute time daydreaming. I like to think of it as yoga for the imagination. I hit upon a decent idea for a Children’s book. Slight departure from my normal writing, ok more than slight. However, after disucssing the Kids Need To Read program I thought that it would be worth the time and effort to try and contribute something that might be enjoyable for young children.

My plan is to co-author it with my wife, and illustrate it myself. I do love drawing cats for some reason. Though this time there will be no explosive devices or samurai swords in their paws.

This week started out pretty good. I finished the rough cut draft of my latest short story. It is a fantasy piece I think I may have mentioned before in this post. Once I finish the edits, I’ll submit it to Quantum Muse in the hopes that they’ll accept it for December.

Monday night I printed out the finished draft and then sat down and sketched a potential poster shot for my Cat Samurai project. I had a flash back to a short series of comics by Frank Miller called Ronin. Now I have not read the series in decades (literally) and my recollection is hazy at best. I seem to remember a picture of the Ronin leaping in a semi tucked position. Of course it may also have been from the Frank Miller / Klaus Janson  collaboration: Daredevil’s  Elektra Saga.

Regardless. I am pretty happy with how it turned out as an initial concept sketch. More work will have to be done, but at least I have a focused idea. Plus it may give me a flicker of insight on what to do about sketching Roderick.

Creatively speaking the last couple days were excellent. I hope I can keep that trend up.

Thanks for following along.



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