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Happy Monday

October 17, 2011

Made it through the weekend. Whooo! It was a good time. Watched Monty Python’s ‘Not the Messiah, He’s a naughty boy.’ Thought it was pretty good. I enjoy shows that are done like this. Special programs that incorporate large orchestra, choirs and soloists. Eric Idle wrote ‘Not the Messiah’ and they performed it one time only. It is a abbreviated version of the Monty Python movie ‘The Life of Brian.’ Good fun.

I took my son out running on Saturday. Too cute for words really. He inisted on wearing his ‘running’ pants and red cap. The red cap is sort of a family thing. When I ran in the Marine Corps 10k last year with my aunt and her friends we all had red running hats to find each other. My aunt got a few extra and gave one to my son. He knows I often wear mine, so he decided to wear his. To top off his attire he swiped my running sunglasses. He worked really hard and we ran about 1 mile. He did terrific! I was so pleased with his interest and his companionship, it was one of the best feelings.

I started today’s post thinking I would just summarize my weekend and blather on about my own projects. But I am putting that aside.

I read webcomics (GASP!), a bunch of them. As I have pointed out in previous posts. I am going to talk about one in particular today: The Bean. 

This webcomic is written/illustrated by Travis Hanson. It follows the adventure of a boy in a fantastic world populated by humans, goblins, trolls, ogres and quite a few other species. It is wonderfully written and beautifully drawn. Travis’s artwork is whimsical, emotionally evocative and a great deal of fun. It conveys everything that fantasy work whether writing or drawing, ought to.

Well, this weekend Travis completed a piece of art for Kids Need To Read, an organization that was started by Nathan Fillion, PJ Haarsma and Denise Gary. The KNTR organization promotes getting reading materials into the hands of kids. The History is very interesting.

So what we have is an artist with a talent and passion for creativity and a willingness to contribute to make a childs life more enriched. Please take the time to visit Travis and Kids Need to Read. Both are worth checking out.

To quote Travis: “Keep Creating!”

Thanks, s.


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  1. Awesome site and especially enlightening. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

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