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A little bit winded, but otherwise alright.

October 13, 2011

Finished my first half marathon this past weekend. I think I did pretty well all things considered. I finished it, which was the icing on the cake for me really. The run was a nice flat course along a river. Just the right way to ease into a 13 miler. On the 30th of this month I am signed up to run another one. This one will be less forgiving. The first six miles climb hundreds of feet. The good news here is that the second half of the course is a gentle downgrade.

I was sketching today, and think that the pencil work turned out pretty ok. The trouble is that I used a copy of an email from my team lead that I printed. I’m going to ink it all the same and then photoshop out anything that isn’t relevant to the picture. Oh well. I really want to get some good sketches on actual drawing paper in order to scan and clean up the images. It would be nice to use my own art on the blog, in gravatars and on book covers.

Book covers? Yeah, I’m still toying with the notion of self-publishing through They distribute through just about ever single e-publisher I can think of. The catch is that some of the publishers (Amazon, Apple, B&N) require that your e-book have a cover. The idea of cover art scares me, since I have no training, no practice and really no right to design my own cover. However, if I am going down in flames, Ima gonna be the one to light that match!

All of this of course relies on finishing the edits I have in mind, which depends on tapering down my running. See how life intersects? Well, this is just a short post to lay down some thoughts while I have them. In my previous post I talked over one of my characters from an unfinished (soon!) short story. Next time, I think I will take a look at one of the other characters or even several of them.

Once again, thanks for tuning in! I appreciate it.



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