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Yes master?

October 12, 2011

Well, I have to say the sketching is not going terribly well. Mainly because I can’t settle on a head/face for the character I want to draw. No picture at this time.

However, I am going to talk about the story and main character, Roderick.

First a super short history of what I like to read: Science Fiction, Fantasy, amalgamation of the two. Humor / Satire is greatly appreciated. Done and Sorted.

 Currently being written is a humorous (I hope) Fantasy genre tale for the Holidays. Maybe not Our holidays percisesly, but near enough.

The inspiration (see posts concerning inspiration: here, here and here) for this particular character came from several places. First the video games Overlord and Dungeon Keeper. It is worth noting that both games are hilarious and fun to play. Also Overlord was written by Rhianna Pratchett. (daughter of Terry Pratchett [cue choir of angels]) 

Second from Diana Wynne Jones’s work The Tough Guide to Fantasyland. The video games follow a common theme of the player assuming the role of an Overlord/Dungeon Keeper who has to battle against the forces of Good. Pivotal to success is the use of Minions. In Overlord there were three specific types, in DK there was a branching tree of minions you could acquire.

Ok. Enough with the backstory.

Roderick is your basic minion. One might classify him as an Imp, or perhaps a Goblin but in a non-traditional sort of way. His physical appearance came from the Overlord video game, I though the minions scampering around were so delightful and cute. Kind of in the same way that the Gremlins were cute in the 80’s hit movies Gremlins and Gremlins 2. I did not wish to just ape an already concieved character. I modified the neck, stretching it out a bit, added fur and a penchant for leather vests/pants. He has large yellow eyes that glow with an inner luminescence. Claws adorn his fingers and toes.

I wanted a Minion that would at first glance be dismissed as diminutive. Slender body, long legs and arms. Enormous feet (think Wiley Coyote size/shape). Topping his head are both a mohawk and little horns.

Coming up with the physical look for Roderick was fun. I have set him at an immediate disadvantage to the rest of the population in the story since he is smaller than the majority of them. What he lacks in size, Roderick makes up in cunning, skullduggery and a wicked enjoyment of his job. He has a morning star which he cherishes, a magical amulet that creates fog, along with any number of tools of his trade hidden about his person.

Roderick is subservient to his Master, no one else though. He was hatched and bred to serve, so he does. While an character of Evil alignment, Roderick holds the other Evil creatures of the Realms of Fantasyland in contempt.

Roderick speaks little, his jaw is not designed for long soliloquies. He can manage several words at a time at best. They usual come out in a hiss rather than clearly enunciated. His eyes, ears and hissing are the main ways he expresses himself. And glowering. He loves a good glower.

When I started this short story it was just after the holidays and Quantum Muse announced a humorous writing contest.

I concocted the notion of a holiday, a patron icon for it and started on a snow covered hilltop. It came to me that the protagonist would be interesting if instead of the holiday icon, a minion of the local overlord dispatched to fight holiday crowds for a shiny prize for the master’s daughter.

Another work that laid out a framework for this story and that QM published was called The Tower of Random Generation, which was humorous and looked at how a Fantasyland might be created by a corporation. The concept goes like this: Magicians create a fantasy real, populate it with the typical Fantasy tropes (dragons, princesesses, knights, monsters…), box them up as a playset and sell them. I did start a longer work and put it on a backburner that was going to deal with a hero who arrives late and has to accept the dregs of sidekicks pool.

Anyway the deadline for the contest came and went. I missed it entirely. Several reasons. Chief was working on revising my first manuscript and writing the second. However I kept thinking and refining the plot line of the story. Another was that the contest deadline moved to May. Which seemed like it would not be a great time for a holiday themed story.

With the holidays approaching again, I have returned to the town and my hapeless minion. I should have a first draft finished in another week or two. Then I will iron out the draft for submission. I had some inspiration for the sketch, so hopefully I will be able to complete that as well.

Thanks for tuning in!


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