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A new day, a new ache.

October 10, 2011

I’m back. I can tell by the sound of chirping crickets that ya’ll are excited. Well the first half marathon is done and out of the way. I finished feeling pretty good. Tired, foot sore, but with enough energy to drive home. The rest of the day was a lot of sitting and snacking. I must say it is nice to have a major candy maker as one of the sponsors of the running event. There were eight full size candy bars in the registration packet. W00T!

Today muscles ache, nothing crazy though. With the first one out of the way I intend on easing my way though the second. Once the second half is complete I will be backing off running a bit for the off season, which means I will be ramping up writing and editing. I should hopefully finish my second manuscript around mid-November along with at least one short story.

I have been thinking about my Cat samurai adventure a little bit and gave the protagonist a flute and some poor musical skills to go along with it. Rather than allowing him the freedom of speaking his sad emotions, I will have him play melancholy music instead. I want him to be private and closed off to most everyone except his love and maybe one other character, but he will not open up to the other character until later on.

I have been thinking about sketching  a few scenes from various stories, and I think I might start one tonight. We’ll see how things go on the home front. If anything turns out, I will post it here. As a test of the media upload feature I uploaded a terribly rough page from the Cat/Samurai themed story titled: Ronin 3. It was a very rough attempt with little practice and every technical error possible. Still, without practice how will I get better? The tricky part is splitting my time between writing and drawing. Writing usually wins, because I think that I am better at it. For better or worse here it is:

Opening page of Ronin 3.

Opening page for Ronin 3.


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