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Urk..Still here.

October 7, 2011


Work and running have burned up a lot of my mental capacity this week. My first half marathon is this coming weekend and I am trying not to freak out. It is the longest distance I have ever attempted. Interestingly enough I do not believe my anxiety to be social, rather performance. I have run larger capacity races (well ok, one.) Though that one, the Marine Corps 10k I was not alone. I ran it with my Aunt and several of her friends.

So I am basically nervous about my running. Which in turn causes me to fret over silly things like music playlists, forgetting stuff the day of, finishing… You know the silly little things that undermine all of the training. I see that training should cover everything. Being physically able to run the distance does not guarantee that you are mentally prepared to do so.

I understand the sports quotes about things being a certain percent mental better. I am taking the next couple of days off from really everything that is not in some way related to running. A little break from writing (maybe)… I will be putting in some time to relax and focus on A) finishing the 13.1 miles and B) enjoying the heck out of it. The weather forecast says excellent weather for a morning run.

As for the music playlist, I am scrapping the one I whipped up the other night and instead filling it with fun music.

As always thanks for reading!



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