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Inspiration pt. 3

October 3, 2011

I talked about external influences in the last post regarding inspiration. Artists who’s work has compelled me to new heights. Now I would like to consider quieter, closer inspiration. I am speaking of award show thank you speech inspirations. I think most people are familiar with the type. The recipient thanks (in no particular order) God, their spouse, dog/cat/parakeet, children, agent, manager, frappuccino retailer, the labor union, organization or random country in conflict.

Since I have no awards, agents, management, cause de celeb, or other random influence I will focus on the few quiet ones I do have.

My Wife. Without whom none of this would be possible. Sure you hear that at least once or twice at each awards show. Sometimes they mean it, other times they are merely checking a box on the list. I mean it sincerely. The amount of work she does that frees me to pursue writing is enormous. The encouragement, support, hand-holding and back patting she provides is priceless. However, more germain to this topic is her sense of humor and playful nature. She can create the spark of an idea with back and forth banter between us. There is also the person that she is. I watch her handle situation after situation with fairness, patience, determination and courge of conviction and I want to write her into everything. Teachers/Professors always echo the addage “Write what you know.” Who do I know better?

My Child. There is a raspscallion without a doubt. Inquisitive, inventive, bold as brass and warm, caring, emotional. Another rich tapestry from which to draw insights. But one that is ever evolving as they grow and change (such is the nature of children I suppose.)

My Spiritual Side. I find inspiriation in the writings and teachings I absorb. I explore various spiritual thoughts from around the world with an open heart and an open mind. Everything can be used as a positive experience for growth. I am fascinated by both Hindi and Shinto beliefs, but I have and will continue studying Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic and any other belief system.

I consider myself very fortunate and blessed. The thing of it is, is that I do not always remember that I do not deserve such blessings. Hubris and selfishness too frequently distract me. I need to remember to guard against the encroachment of such thoughts and keep the truly important things in front of my mind.

Thanks for reading.



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