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Interlude – Action Scenes

September 30, 2011

There are times when I dislike writing large action scenes. So much to keep track between characters, actions, damages and the end result I am trying to reach. That is the downside.

 The upside is that they are a lot of fun, move at a fast pace and resolve some conflicts relatively easily.

The tricky bit is writing the description. You fret over each sentence as it describes what someone just did. You reflect and re-read the passage looking for duplication of phrases or overly cliched actions. Not to mention trying to keep count of corpses, injured and like Dirty Harry says ‘Did I fire five shots or six. In all the excitement I kind of lost track.’

When it works the end result is thrilling. When it falls flat (and sometimes it does) the THUD of the scene hitting the floor can be nerve jangling. When that happens your best option is to flag it, move on and then revisit it during revisions. Of course the temptation to sneak back and do some quick triage is likely. In which case, go for it. Action scenes are conduits to the end result. It is ok to tweak them as necessary to reach your conclusion.

Your mileage may vary \^-^/

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